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Kell Glass Charity Partner: 


Arts For Life is a North Carolina nonprofit with art programs that serve pediatric patients in hospitals and clinics. When I first learned about what they do, I felt immediately connected. My own passion for art was discovered as a result of difficult times when I was younger, and while my struggles cannot be compared to what the Arts For Life kids are going through, I personally know how something as simple as a paint brush (or a shard of glass in my case) can bring joy and ease anxiety during challenging times.  


I'm honored to share that my primary charity partner is Arts For Life, and I look forward to supporting their efforts as they continue to bring the transformative power of art to children in hospitals and treatment clinics.

AFL 2024 Sculpture.jpg

Artistic Freedom

14.5 x 6 x 6 inches

2024 Arts For Life Benefit Sculpture

Please contact me to inquire

Annual Arts For Life Benefit Sculpture

Each year to celebrate the anniversary of Kell Glass LLC and my charity partnership with Arts For Life, I will design and create a signature sculpture with 100% of its purchase donated to the organization. The design inspiration for my 2024 sculpture, Artistic Freedom, represents all of the unique artworks created through the Arts For Life program by children in hospitals and clinics who are bravely battling their medical conditions. I love what this organization does and I can't think of a better way to celebrate the first anniversary of my business than to share my gratitude in this way.

A little about this design: What do you see?

Maybe it's scribbles of crayon across a page, or brush strokes of paint dripping down a canvas? Or maybe you see tiny pieces of paper cut and reassembled to make a collage? There's no right answer because it can be whatever you want to see or feel. That's the power of art and creative expression, and that's what my design is all about. The children that Arts For Life serve get to explore their creativity, express themselves, escape from their struggles, and find joy in making something beautiful during difficult times in their lives. Art is a gift to these kids and I'm thankful to help make that possible.

Please let me know if you're interested in purchasing Artistic Freedom. 

100% of your purchase will go directly to Arts For Life!  Please contact me to inquire.


This year, beyond supporting Arts For Life financially, I'm also looking forward to serving as a program volunteer and working directly with pediatric patients right here in Charlotte. Being able to connect with these kids through the power of art and help in my own small way makes this partnership even more special. 


small works | BIG IMPACT

Coming Soon: 2024 Exclusive Design

Thank you to everyone who supported my inaugural 'Small Works Big Impact' program last year! Building on that amazing success, I have created an exclusive design for my 2024 small work sculptures to benefit Arts For Life, and each one will have a unique mark alongside my etched signature and the year to signify its limited edition design.


My 2024 design will be retired at the end of this year, and a new design will be revealed each year following. These exclusive design sculptures will be available at my gallery locations throughout the year (or you may contact me directly) and 100% of each purchase will be donated directly to Arts For Life.  

Stay tuned and check back soon or follow me on Instagram for the upcoming reveal of my 2024 AFL Small Works design!  Thanks for joining me in support of ARTS FOR LIFE.


Making a Difference Together

I am grateful to help support the missions and programs of many wonderful nonprofits across our community.


Please let me know how I can contribute to your cause. While I cannot unfortunately guarantee support for every worthwhile cause, I will always do my best to consider each and every request: Contact Me

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