Murano Series (select works)
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Pietre di Vetro ("Glass Stones")
Pietre di Vetro (detail)
Murano Series
Molti Fiori ("Many Flowers")
Molti Fiori (detail)
Pietre di Vetro II
Pietre di Vetro II (detail)
Vetro Pezzato (patchwork glass)
Vetro Pezzato (lighted)
Inspired by the artistry of Italian glass, my work in this series blends the essence of ancient glassmaking traditions with my own approach and modern techniques. Each art piece is free-formed with individual glass shards that I cut, shape and layer. The bold motifs feature my hand-crafted glass stones and marbles. Through multiple firing cycles the colors are blended and the glass expands and pulls to its finished form. Comprised of four to five glass layers with overlapping opacity and transparency, the visible depth of each glasswork radiates in the light.

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