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This gallery features selected sold works.
Please contact me to inquire about commission requests for similar sculptures.  If you've seen a sculpture featured in my newsletters or social media that is not seen here, please reach out.  
(Note that each sculpture is individually crafted and therefore no two will ever be exactly alike)

Crystalline: Chrysocolla [SOLD]

Heaven & Earth [SOLD]

Crystalline: Septarian [SOLD]

Effervescent [SOLD]

Rekindling [SOLD]

Crystalline: Aquamarine [SOLD]

Belle Ame 'Beautiful Soul' [SOLD]

Frost Flowers [SOLD]

Transcendent [SOLD]

Glacial Lake [SOLD]

Crystalline: Celestite [SOLD]

Misty Blue [SOLD]

Crystalline: Peach Calcite [SOLD]

Crystalline: Vanadinite [SOLD]

Crystalline: Aqua Aura Quartz [SOLD]

Heliconia Garden [SOLD]

Starry Night [SOLD]

White Star Flower [SOLD]

Crystalline: Teal Sapphire [SOLD]

Rose Garden [SOLD]

Flourish [SOLD]

Lilac Fields [SOLD]

Aloha [SOLD]

Feather Flower [SOLD]

Crystalline: Citrine Quartz [SOLD]

Daydreams [SOLD]

Crystalline: Emerald Dioptase [SOLD]

Crystalline: Hyalite Opal [SOLD]

Confetti [SOLD]

Bonheur [SOLD]

Amber Waves II [SOLD]

River Rocks [SOLD]

Fire Flowers [SOLD]

Midnight Garden Vines [SOLD]

Confluence [SOLD]

Amber Waves [SOLD]

Silver Snow Blossoms [SOLD]

Intertwined [SOLD]

Kaleidoscope [SOLD]

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