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Artist Statement

Working with glass fascinates and challenges me. It’s like painting a canvas that I bring into three-dimensional form.


Both my nature inspired works and my bold abstracts are expressions of my love for color and design. Each composition emerges through a tedious process of designing with as many as six layers of hand cut glass shards, fine glass powders, and a variety of components including handmade marbles, glass strings and elements cut from cane and rods of glass.


My sculptural works embody my love for constructing something from scratch, piece-by-piece. These works are free-formed with individually cut and crushed shards of glass, carefully arranged and layered to create their organic shapes. My designs blend overlapping colors and feature thin threads of curled glass and elements that create movement. Because each vessel is constructed without a glass foundation, this technique requires a delicate balance of space and weight in the layers in order to successfully withstand the firing process and form to its intended shape.

For all of my works, forecasting how the glass will pull, expand, and meld during the heating and cooling cycles is essential from the start. It's like working backwards. Ultimately, my process is a creative fusion of prediction and precision. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't, but the risk of failure never outweighs my love for the challenge.

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Rose Garden, 2022
Elijah Kell Art Glass-Purple Haze  (1).JPG
Purple Haze, 2021
Permanent Collection
Central Piedmont Community College
Charlotte, NC