Artist Statement

As a dyslexic, imagery plays a huge role in my life; it's why art is my best form of expression. Glass as a medium fascinates and challenges me.  It is both my canvas and paint; a fusion of concept, color and form. 


There are many steps in my process and glass can be an unpredictable medium, but that's what keeps me intrigued.  I have learned to anticipate the irregularities of melting glass and appreciate the shifts that occur as a natural part of that process.  Every piece I create is a challenge to conquer.  The outcome of my vision and design work is a balancing act of space and weight, one that relies on precise layering and my ability to understand how the glass will flow as it heats, and how it will settle as it cools.  I have to work backwards.  Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't, but it's the challenge of the process that I love most.   

Gloriosa | 2020

© 2020 Elijah Kell Art Glass |  Photo credits: Elijah Kell